Key Features

Our daily challenge is fixed deeply in our desire to offer high quality services and customer support through.

  • Pro-active quality monitoring through all voice and data products and destinations. This includes regular testing of our CLI-guaranteed, routes via carefully selected partners, MOS and FAS supervision.
  • 24/7 network management.
  • Guaranteed delivery of Premium Services, CLI, Roaming and fax through direct connections to a growing list of carriers and destinations for top quality termination.
  • Price-sensitive termination for international carriers pursuing best combination of cost and service quality.
  • Automatic Fraud prevention through routing, dial plan and anti-fraud know-how.
  • LTI invests in a sophisticated routing tools that prevents delays or manual intervention.
  • Professional and dedicated troubleshooting process.
  • VoIP and Data Network with main infrastructures located in Paris, Amsterdam, London and Algier.


1 Chemin du Chêne Rond, 91570 Bievres, Paris

Phone number: +33 1 85 74 06 41



Edifício Infante, Av. D. João II, 35, 11ºA, 1990-083 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 30 050 6243